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March soth, 1797.

I have received my final instructions about Sir
Sidney Smith. No cartel is to be established,
unless he is put on his parole like any other
prisoner ; so that, probably, rny mission is on the
eve of its departure.

I am apprised of, and expect hourly, an order
from the Directory to remove to the distance of
ten leagues from Paris. Reubel has at length
carried his point. I believe Fontainebleau is the
place fixed upon. The Marine are outrageous
about it, and have at least prevented the first
idea of sending me quite away, which, from some
calumny or other, was the intention of the Govern-
ment. It is of consequence that I should remain,
for the sake of the prisoners. I am to come back
on the 2oth of May, when the elections will be over*
By that time the Directory may be softened con-
cerning Sir Sidney ; time is gained, and we know
not what may turn up. The country air will do
me good  I shall have time to jasminer and
scribble to you. Me voila comme toujours, Mon-
sieur Tant mieux, ou I'OptimisU.

April 4-th, 1797.

This letter goes by a cartel from Nantes.     I
am setting out for Fontainebleau by order of the